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On a blustery December Wednesday, I got lost on my bicycle in SoDo.  I hadn’t expected those pesky stadiums to get in my way.   I wormed my way through dark backstreets because at the end of the journey was a chance to be filmed performing a piece by real professional filmmakers. 

It was like a Billy Joel song: a bottle of red and a bottle of white greeted us at an out of the way wine distribution warehouse.  The space owners were welcoming and the fillmmakers, Rasmus Rasmussen and Joel Telling, were encouraging.  Five other Seattle poets and I performed for three takes, and Rasmus and Joel spun it into gold.  Here’s the result: http://www.anotherpassion.com/2012/video/focus-seattle-poets-oscar-mcnary/#more-2088  Only two of the other videos are finished, but I’m excited about seeing the other five videos.  I am in such good company as an artist in Seattle.  Brilliance is all around me.

Thanks so much to Dane Kuttler http://www.danepoetry.com/ for inviting me to this project, to Rasmus for having me, to Joel for filming as well, and the space, Full Pull Wines, for hosting.  I am honored to be featured.


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