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New chapbook, Saran Wrap Leisure Suit, is available at an Oscar McNary near you! The poetry is exquisite and it’s pretty on the outside too! Sliding scale $5-10, plus shipping if I gotta mail it. If you live far away and would like to order an copy, please email oscar dot mcnary at geemail dot com.  Actual saran wrap leisure suits sold separately.

And I put this collection together for a speaking gig in Eugene, Oregon this coming weekend.  My good friend Ariel Howland, who is an amazing event organizer and promoter, coordinated the Student Insurgent newspaper, the Survival Center, and the Student Cooperative Association to graciously invite me to perform on Saturday, May 21, at 6 p.m. in the Ben Linder Room, Erb Memorial Union, on the University of Oregon Campus, 13th and University St.  Free admission.  If you want to hear some spoken word and you live near Eugene, head on over!


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I am honored to be asked to showcase in this year’s Seattle Grand Slam!   It’s tomorrow, May 6, doors at 6:30 at Seattle Town Hall!  If you don’t have your tickets yet, you need to run get them!  I’ll share the stage with Daemond Arrindell, Marita Isabel, Roberto Ascalon, Ela Barton, Jack McCarthy, Greg Bee, Mary Lambert, Rose McAleese, and Maya Hersh, and HOLY FUCK National Slam Champion Ken Arkind! 

I’m going to perform my best poem so far, Lucifer to the Almighty. So, here it is:

Lucifer to the Almighty

Before Sunrise or Sunset or Season
I seduced you:
Darkness, I am Light
You are nickel and iron and space so distant
I can’t reach between your molecules
I am hydrogen fusing into helium, infinite energy
You could extinguish me with a thought but
I offer 1,001 senses
if you let me warm a corner of you
slow me where I burn too hot
let me map your galactic curves
I can’t fill all your emptiness
but let me linger in your hollows

On the first day
I bared my desires:
I long to create new worlds from our bodies
I’ll carve out my right eye to sun a system
of eight revolving teeth
whittle my shinbone into smaller spheres
to orbit my extracted molars
all twirling bloody wonder
My rays frenzy them as
your outstretched shadows offer rest

Millions of revolutions before this moment
I exclaimed:
Life, like us, emerges in our creation!
They squirm through saliva oceans
choosing to turn left or right

Six thousand revolutions before now
I begged you:
in the garden, I disobeyed
Creatures shaped like you crawled
from the bleeding shards of my mouth
I grew the fruit to plant voices within them.
I know you, Almighty
you are trembling that our children will become wiser than we are
Forgive me
Don’t cast me out

One hundred and twenty-seven revolutions ago
I accused you:
You have built millions of electric lightbringers
since I crossed the void to find you, Dust and Emptiness
Your modern angels are more beautiful than me now
My body gapes where I carved out our children
Please stop telling our young ones that I engineer their suffering
You don’t have to love me
You don’t have to take me back
but acknowledge our intertwined timelessness
Darkness, you run scared when I approach flickering meek in a candle flame
Almighty, muster the decency to greet me

I grieve to myself
for six thousand revolutions
I have listened for a faltering syllable
My remaining eye fixates for a welcoming twitch of your eyebrow
My elements are heavy with our separation
Soon, I will be lead and nickel and distance

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